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Embroidery Perfection Tape

Embroidery Perfection Tape

RNK's newest embroidery product lends a helping hand while stitching challenging items! Embroidering and embellishing small or tubular items such as a baby one-piece, a t-shirt, a sock, a hand-bag or similar pieces require us to really manipulate the item in order to get it in the hoop and under our needle successfully. RNK's new Embroidery Perfection Tape is the absolute quickest and most simple solution to these challenges. The tape will hold back most fabrics without leaving a residue on the hoop, machine or fabric! Use for quilt in the hoop designs, holding stabilizer in place, keeping fabric or embellishment pieces from folding over and getting caught under the needle, etc. RNK's Embroidery Perfection Tape is a must for all who embroider!


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Customer Reviews

Review by  CJ
(posted on 01/07,2019 03:09:39)
I use this all the time! Can’t imagine how I could make some of the things I do without it! Thank you for making this great product!
Review by  anna
(posted on 08/11,2017 20:03:05)
I believe this is one of my all time favorite notion ever! I use Embroidery Perfection Tape almost daily!
Review by  Eve
(posted on 02/03,2017 01:15:05)
LOVE this tape
Review by  red
(posted on 10/21,2016 21:33:43)
this is the best tape you can buy just hope they will make a wider tape also can not sew or embroidery with out this tape
Review by  The Quilting Dude
(posted on Sep 21, 2013)
I just purchased the Embroidery Perfection Tape and tried it as soon as I got home. I've been doing a lot of front/back applique work and this tape works great for keeping the back fabric in place as well as the front. I'm using a lot less spray stabilizer since I purchased this tape....which saves me time from having to clean up the sticky mess and money.

Love, love, love this stuff!
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