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Just a note, I have owned many software’s through the last twenty years. Floriani is the best and easiest to use. But one of the most important and best part, is the one line videos. I have purchased so many programs and have had no lessons or support with. I live in a rural area. Now I have finally gotten software that my dealers teaches and if I can't make the classes I can go on line.
Thank you!

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much. Registration on my new desktop went through perfectly - your instructions were easy to follow.
This is the second time I've asked for help (the first had to do with using Hebrew characters). Unlike many providers in the computer world, you take customer service to the highest level. I am most impressed on two counts: instructions are very clear and include everything necessary to solve the problem, and - your response time is incredibly fast. This, of course, substantially increases the value of a really fine program --- everything Walt Floriani promised when he introduced his products at my dealer's was true. Amazing!
So when I saw my dealer (Sew Right in Bayside, NY) this morning, I thanked him for carrying and promoting Embroidery Suite and told him how happy I am that I bought it. And now, I express my sincere gratitude to you as well.
All the best,

I've already told at least a dozen people what a wonderful company Floriani is. I already loved your stablizers, and now I am convinced I have purchased the right software. I am still in the very beginning stage, but I feel confident that if I need assistance, it will be there. Thank you so much for taking the time to track me down and fixing my mistake when I was registering. You are the best!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to call me. If I were to buy this software is this the kind of support I will always get? My husband is very impressed that you took the time and email several times and took your personal time to call as well.
Again, Thank you

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your support in fixing my problem(s). I have deleted that registry scanner and hope I will be on my way to sewing and fun stuff !
Yes, I will think of you when I take a nice bite out of my hamburger at Mew's and I'll 'force' down a glass of red wine (haha). Next time you are in RI you had better give me a call ~ I'd love to meet you! A Mew's hamburger will be on me ! That's a promise.
Have a great day.
Jane Hebert

I want to email you and state what a pleasure it was to talk with Dori tonight. She was able to help me register the program on my PC at home. I have never had an experience where I asked for assistance in installing a program and I received a call right back. I was not home when she called and she pursued me until we connected. I value your service. Thanks Alice Stanley

I want to thank you for Embroidery Suite Pro 2008. I was at your trunk show in Everett, Wa. and I'm very impressed. I've been using Generations for 5+ years and was stale, not motivated. You lite that fire again and I bought your software. I LOVE IT! All of the things that gave me trouble in Generations you explain and your lessons are great! I'm almost through all of the lessons and ready to jump in. I'm so excited how easy you have made this program and the pictures really help. Every time I do another lesson I'm amazed how much easier your program is. I can't say enough good thing about you program. And you are GREAT! You motivate people with you love for embroidery. Grandpa is PROUD of YOU! You HAVE shown us how easy it is. Thank you again,
Beckie Tanner

Hello, Today, my sister-in-law and I attended a class instructed by Darlene Pollard at Quilt ‘n Sew in Katy, Texas. The class was very enjoyable and informative. When we left the store, we both had a bag containing the Embroidery Suite Pro 2008 software.

Tonight after installing the program on our respective computers, we had difficulty registering the product. Consequently, we were talking on the phone and trying to reconstruct our installation steps. Unknown to her, my sister-in-law had generated a help e-mail. In the middle of our conversation, she received a call from Dori (tech support). After resolving her problem, Dori talked me through my registration problem.

In this day and age, it is rare for an employee to take the initiative to help a customer. The fact that it was a Saturday evening is even more unbelievable. Kudos to Dori!

Mary Margaret Brown

I just completed 20 patches for the local YMCA.  Not one thread break!!!! NO SHREADING!!! NO Tears.  I have been using Floriani Thread for over a year and I have NEVER had a thread break.  I have a BabyLock 6 Needle Pro and use it primarily for personal use.  I donate patches for Girl Scout and YMCA activities.  I make gifts and quilt borders with my machine.  Floriani Thread is the best and I love the beautiful colors.  Thank you so much for making embroidery projects fun!!!
Sharon Camping

I just finished my first quilt ... a sign language alphabet quilt ... for my granddaughter-in-law who is graduating from college with a degree in Deaf Education ... I used Wet & Stick exclusively and EVERY design was perfect. The quilt turned out beautiful (even with a few flaws from my 'learning experience' but I am so pleased and Floriani stablizer made it a very pleasant experience.
Bonita Hillmer

Two nights ago I attended a Floriani presentation by, I think her name was Kathleen?, at the Quilt Sampler in Springfield, MO. I just can't say enough about her, the presentation or your wonderful website. My only complaint (at the time) was, "She's going too fast and I can't possibly write all this wonderful information down!" Of course she made sure to tell us about the website and now that I have the time I'm able to print off the workbook, stabilizing solutions and quick reference. I also watched the DVD she gave us. I love it all! I'm new to embroidery and this has all been a lifesaver for me! I now know what pooch and pull are and how to prevent them! I'm headed over to the technique and projects section so that I can put some of your great products to good use. You've got a new customer. Me. Thanks for being so generous with your product education.
Vanessa Farkas 

Thank you Kayly for all your help. My project was very successful. You made my brother very happy on X-mas day. His vinyl embroidered jackets with his business name came out so beautiful with no problems. I wish you could have seen the smile on his face. Priceless. Your website is fantastic and so informative. Excellent assistant for a new embroiderer like me. I'm an expert now thanks to you. (Not really, but getting there). Thank you again and have a great new year. Sincerely, Dianne

I want to thank you for a high quality thread. I attended a seminar conducted by Darlene Pollard and purchased the special 48 thread package. I LOVE THE THREAD quality. I have not had one issue of thread shedding, which I have had since purchasing my Designer Diamond by Viking. I love the texture, too. Thanks so much for demanding excellence in quality from your suppliers. I, for one, appreciate it very much.
Mame Johnston

Attached are two pictures of my VERY FIRST attempt of embroidering on a very thin sweater. This is a gift for one of Ron's co-worker's mother. With the information I learned from Melanie Coakley and Jeannie Miller's classes I was able to embroidery on this thin sweater. As you can see it turned out beautifully. The stabilizing was soooooooo helpful, I am very confident that I will be able to embroider on anything..... I will never use any other stabilizer than Floriani again.

I just had to write and tell you how much I LOVE the Floriani metallic threads!!! I attended a special event here in Tucson, sponsored by Cathey's Sewing & Vac. I have used the Floriani stablilzers and adore them; I wouldn't think of using any other type! I love the look of metallics, but never had any success with them; the thread would break or would shred constantly. When Darlene Pollard explained how these threads were different, and the success she had, I bought the Christmas set. I held my breath, threaded the machine & started to embroider a lace snowflake. I couldn't believe it!! The thread only broke once, and that was only because it caught on a part of my machine. Hoping it wasn't a fluke, I immediately started another one; success again!!! I tell everyone I know who loves to embroider, that Floriana stabilizers are the absolute best; I will now add yout metallic threads to my praises! Thank you so much!!
p.s. Darlene was a delight! She had such a wealth of information & ideas, and was so much fun to listen to!

Hi I am an instructor for Mr.J's in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Mi. I teach using your stabilizer all the time. I thought you might like to see the project that I have been working on for about 1 year. It was made from a design by Criswell. I used all Floriani water sol. Stabilizer (Wet N Gone) on my Brother PR 600. I have also attached pictures of the single design before I sewed them together so you could see what size they were. Your stabilizer worked great for this project. I am displaying this queen size bedspread at the Stores that I teach at .Hope you enjoy seeing this finished project using your great product.
Sue Heath

I wanted you to know that your suggestions worked perfectly! I am so impressed. Thank you so much for helping me; I wish I had asked you years ago. Do you think the digitizing of the designs are better, the stablizer is what makes all the difference or is our training getting more accessible? The difference in this design and some of the ones I did a few years ago (on the same machine) is remarkable. Of course, the designs I stitched out on my Deco 500 that I bought as soon as it was on the market can't compare with the designs I stitch out on my ULT 2001 and it's 10 years old now. Good embroidery is very addicting. Again, thank you!

Dear Kay,
I sent you a question last week about what to use for appliqueing on t-shirts. You recommended the no show mesh which I bought and used a few days ago. I'm writing to say thank you, thank you and tell you how great a product it is (as if you don't already know!). It is so easy to use and I love the fact that it's soft and flexible. I'm so glad I've discovered this great stabilizer. Thanks again,
Nancy Russell

“I visited your store earlier this week and was invited to attend the Floriani Stabilizer Seminar …And have returned home and had the most success I have ever had with my machine embroidery. I don’t think my hooping technique has really ever been all that good, and I have never been able to get a good result with embroidery on the lighter weight quilting cottons. Last night, I used my recently purchased Heat n Sta Tearaway and a couple of layers of a medium tearaway, along with the water soluble topper and I got an amazing result embroidering a dog onto a fat quarter! “
Sonja Altmann

I've just returned home from a Floriani Demonstration at ZigZag Sewing, Newcastle NSW. I was most impressed with the presentation by Darlene. Her manner was entertaining, but professional and informative. This is not the first Floriani Demo I have attended, and I have found them all excellent. Your products are great, but your methods of getting information 'out there' to the buying public are superlative. Darlene recommended the Workbook, and I've just downloaded and printed it out. It will be most useful. I'll be back! Lotsa Joy! Keep up the good work! Regards,

I am from NSW, Australia, and I recently attended a seminar on your
products, put on by my local Floriana dealership, and presented by your lovely worker. Unfortunately I can't remember her name but everything she showed us has stuck in my brain. I learnt quite a few things and I am looking forward to tryng out several of them. I found the sewing on paper an on balsa wood to be the most interesting and have recently used the technique to make a Mother's Day card. I just wanted to say thank you for the oportunity to learn new techniques and for wonderful products and presenters.

Kayly - Will there be a thread conversion chart for Marathon Rayon thread to Floriani polyester thread. I have all this Marathon rayon embroidery thread before I found this wonderful FLORIANI POLYESTER THREAD. I just love it. You have to see the beautiful thread rack my husband made me. I just love it. It will hold all the FLORIANI THREAD. I will send you a picture of it as soon as I get my son to take a picture of it.

Just wanted to let you know that I am new to Machine embrodiery and use Manchester Sewing as my teaching place. I have been buying your products and got the CD on Stabilizers. I want you to know that I think that is the best thing out there. I have so many books and none of them are as educational as this CD. I will be ordering from you from know on. Thanks.

I recently took a class from Kathy Quinn when she was in Columbia, MO. She did an outstanding job. Her explanations and samples of designs stitched using your stabilizers were fantastic. I just wanted to let you know what a great job she did. Thank you for sending her. Your products are also incredible. No more stiff as a board designs. I think just about every woman there felt the same way.
Thanks again.
Jane Raymond

Walter, I just wanted to let you know that I was fortunate enough to attend the 3-hour class on Floriani products at Mr. J's Sewing Center in Portage, MI. Kathy was wonderful! Not only is she very knowledgeable about your products, she has a great sense of humor. What an asset to your company! I have been a sewer since high school (many years ago) and started embroidering on the first New Home 8000 in 1992. I have upgraded and now use the Janome 11000. Thinking "I know it all and I've done it all", I found out last night that you're never too old to learn new things. I bought the package deal and can't wait to watch the DVD and finally do a sweatshirt that isn't just for wearing around the house because my design is crooked or it puckers or those gift towels that end up in the rag box. The class was the best $15 I have spent since 1992.

Thank you for a wonderful product and great way to promote it.
Judith M. George

WOW! Just want to let tell someone how much I liked using PERFECT STICK for my embroidery project on towels. It is wonderful; register was great, easy to use and best of all - came off the back without pulling out any loopiesof the towel!!!!! Am so pleased with this 'stabilizer.

"I had seen Marie ask about this new Perfect Stick stabilizer and didn't recall seeing any more info. I finally had the chance to try it out yesterday. I have been using a sticky stabilizer to make the Latte Quilt, maybe some of you know this quilt? I'm actually teaching this at a local Viking store, and had to learn real quick how to put it together. It has been a lot of fun!

About the stabilizer, I am really pleased with how well it worked! I am wrapping the stabilizer on the back of my hoop, and not hooping the fabric because I re-hoop each square multiple times. I did not have any gumming on my needle - clean as all could be. It held the fabric very well, and I did not use my fix-baste at the beginning. The fabric lifted very easily to reposition. It doesn't grab so fast that you can't adjust your fabric placement. I am very particular about cleaning my machine on a regular basis, and especially after using a sticky stabilizer. I checked that out as well, and the back side of the bobbin case, and needless to say, not any build up at all. What little adhesive stayed on the back of the hoop just rolled right off with a little bit of finger power. That's it. Of course, that could be avoided by actually hooping the stabilizer. I also ordered the fusible stitch n wash, and am looking forward to trying that out."

"I want to THANK YOU for introducing us to the Floriani stabilizers. I absolutely love every single one that I have tried so far. I think that the embroidery looks very professional now. I'm having so much fun embroidering. Thanks for carrying this product it really is the best."