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New Machine Owner?
Then Floriani has got the Embroidery Software for YOU!

(look below for a chance to WIN!)

Over the past two years, families have brought a new sewing machine into their homes and rediscovered the joys of home sewing for repair, embroidery and more! And Floriani, makers of popular threads, stabilizers and notions, has the Embroidery Software to help you - the Floriani Total Control U!

FTC-U can help with the Basics:

How to keep your fabric from puckering around your stitches:

How to do Appliqué, Cutwork and Lace with One Click Wonder tools!

And FTC-U can take you beyond what you thought you could do with a machine!

Turn photographs and images into embroidery designs, to preserve memories in home décor!

Customize your own designs from Interactive Embroidery Collections!

FTC-U has become a favorite among embroidery software because FTC-U has had 16 Major Updates released in just the past six years, and every one of them FREE! It’s the Embroidery Software you ONLY have to Buy Once!

Click any of the below videos to see these exciting features as presented by Floriani Educators!

"Never before have I purchased a software that had SO much after-sale support. I am so impressed with the amount of teaching your company provides to ensure customers are getting the most out of the product! I purchased mine several years ago, and due to a faulty computer with repeated crashes, I have yet to really explore the software, but I recently bought a new laptop and installed my software (thanks to the help of RNK's great Helpdesk team) and I'm looking forward to rewatching the tutorials while sitting in front of my machines. Thank you again for a fantastic product with SO many creative possibilities inside!! "
Make it a great day!
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FTC-U provides the tools you need to turn your ideas and designs into works of art!

TRY IT FOR FREE! Click on the image below to learn more about and download the FREE version of our software – the Creative Express with Photo Play!

While this free version does not have the full suite of capabilities that FTC-U has, it does let you experience the ease of use and functionality that has made Floriani software a favorite, while giving you a taste of the fun features involved!

And we’re giving you a chance to win!

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win this amazing software yourself!
Deadline to Enter is by September 30th at midnight EST!

1st prize!

The full version of Floriani Total Control U with 15 of our U Design It collections!

Thousands of design combinations! $6500 Total Retail Value for Free!

2nd prize!

Floriani Fusion

The cost effective way to begin with Floriani software, a comprehensive package of beginner tools and features with the option to add more specialized software packages at your discretion!

$1,299 Retail Value!
Watch video here!

3rd prize!

Floriani Sketch A Stitch

This stand-a-alone software allows you to convert your own drawings within the software into embroidery stitches!

$399 Retail Value!
Find out more on it here!

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Upon completion of your Floriani Software purchase, you will be contacted by your nearest Floriani Software Supporting Retailer to enroll you in their Floriani Software Classes.

The Free Software Giveaway Contest is over. Our thanks to all who entered, and we hoped you enjoyed National Sewing Month 2021.

 The Winners of 1st – 3rd prizes will be contacted by the email address you provided upon registration and their products will ship within 1-2 weeks of contest end.