Floriani Embroidery Projects

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Floriani has been sketching state flowers across America (and Canada too!) These beautiful Flowers and their projects are now available for download. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, click here to
download the ‘Sketching Across America’ series now.

Holiday Bowl
Created by Martie Sandell, this Holiday Project gives you a simple but distinctive Holly Bowl, a fun and functional addition to your seasonal decorations! Click here for additional files needed for this project
Mau Loa Lei (Forever Lei)
Debbie Homer-Hofhines, one of our lead educators,inspires embroiderers, quilters and crafters to think outside the box with their personal creativity! One of her beautiful samples fittng for a trip to the islands, it is
what we call “The Forever Lei”. This beautful lei is made of organza flowers created on your embroidery machine and hence will last forever.
Yarn Scarf
Create this beautiful scarf completely on your sewing or embroidery machine! No knitting required and this is a great project to use up all those remnants of yarn or fibers you (and I) have been hanging on to for years!
Remember – anything goes! Add in some pieces of silk ribbon, chunky threads or a variety of silk flowers (centers removed) for accent!
Embroidered Lace Bowls
Creating lace on your embroidery machine is very rewarding because it looks complex but is actually a very simple process! Lace can be used to create ornaments or book marks as well as to adorn garments and home dec items. The Lace Bowl project below teaches you how to create a large free standing piece by connecting the components….
Cards, Presents and Stickers
‘Love those pricey commercial cards with machine stitchery and embellishments added? Think how economical it will be to use your embroidery machine and a few simple supplies to create personalized greeting cards! Don’t stop there when you can create printed stickers to match. Your Floriani software makes it “sew simple” from start to finish.
Vintage Christmas Box
The excitement of Christmas gift-giving is often times in the wrapping. Imagine the anticipation the receiver will have when it is presented in a nostalgic Vintage Christmas Box stitched with love! Line it with a special giftwrap or fabric for an added surprise when opened. This is a quick and easy project that will become a cherished décor that may be enjoyed year after year.
Appliqué the Floriani Way
Creating beautiful appliqué has never been easier! Appliqué is a very quick yet beautiful embellishment for quilts, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, bags and more. When combined with machine or hand embroidery, the results can be very rewarding. Below you will find three very easy methods for this traditional technique, including basic satin stitch appliqué and two types of turned edge appliqué.

Travel Pillow Case

This handy pillowcase for a travel-size pillow incorporates a pocket to keep the pillow form in place. The pillowcase front is a perfect platform for embroidered embellishments
Embroidered Holiday Sachet or Gift Bag
This beautifully embroidered silk sachet is perfect for wrapping a special gift and the recipient is surely to treasure the bag as much as what is held inside! Fill it with lavender or holiday potpourri to scent any room!(Design for sachet … please click here to download zipped DST file)
Paper Piecing
Paper Piecing with “Stitch N Wash®” saves you a lot of time by eliminating the task of tracing the pattern onto muslin or paper. This method lets the copy machine/inkjet printer do the work for you. The stabilizer gives you a firm yet flexible foundation to stitch on to and is much better for your machine than paper. “Stitch N Wash®” stabilizer has silicone within it making it needle friendly!
Perfect Take Along Play Mat
This play mat may be machine washed and dried. Load the zipper pocket with a few toy cars and you are ready to go and play!!
Picture Frame Mats
Capture more than just the picture! Accent a moment in time with custom picture frame mats. This is a great weekend project with the children or grandchildren and makes a wonderful gift for special occasions such as graduation, baby showers, wedding or first Christmas! Stitch N Shape Fusible can be covered with fabric, loose threads or just about anything that can be fused! The regular non-fusible version is the perfect foundation for painting, stenciling, glitter, and/or decorative machine stitching.
Floriani Template Tearaway Tutorial
Floriani Template Tearaway is the answer. A printable, translucent, self-adhesive template paper, Floriani Template Tearaway allows you to preview placement on the background fabric and use the template gridlines to position the needle for an exact result every time.
Stenciling with Floriani Template Tearaway
Printable, self-adhesive Floriani Template Tearaway is the perfect medium for creating stencils to coordinate with embroidery motifs. It’s a simple process that produces big rewards.

Fortune Cookie Placemat
This very creative placemat makes for a fun dinner party! A perfect way to liven up a dull crowd since you get to determine who gets which fortune hidden inside!
Floriani Visor Project
This fun visor was created by our own very talented Floriani educator, Mary Jane Witlin. Create one to wear with every golf outfit, bathing suit or for your favorite sporting event! They are super easy to make and are sure to be a hit as a gift for a friend or family member!Click here to open pattern for printing
Easy Free Standing Embroidery
Use Floriani Mesh to make ALL your embroidery designs Free Standing!Have you ever been terrified to take on the task of embroidering a prized or delicate fabric such as a finesilk, ultra-suede or leather? Sometimes we want to embellish fabrics that are just too thin to embroider on and when we try the results are not pleasing. Now you can place your embroidery on the most delicate of fabrics and most difficult of areas with professional results using Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh.