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Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible

Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible

Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible is a 1.5 oz sheer cutaway available in black, white and beige. Unlike traditional cutaway, this product will not shadow through on light colored fabrics such as knits. Its softness makes it ideal for children's clothing and baby garments. The uniqueness of the fusible version makes this product a staple in your embroidery stabilizers. There is no need for basting or messy spray adhesives which leave a residue on the needle and machine when using this product. By fusing the stabilizer to the back of the garment, we are more successful in hooping and do not stretch the garment out of shape. The stabilizer is temporarily attached to the entire area where the embroidery will be stitched unlike spray adhesives which only "spot" tack and allow shifting of the fabric. This product is also available in a non-fusible version.

  • Will support around six to eight thousand stitches on an average size, well-digitized embroidery design (4" x 4").
  • Use the fusible version to cover up scratchy stitches on the back of the embroidery.
  • Will not shadow through on light weight cottons and knits.

To use Floriani No show Nylon Mesh Fusible:

  1. Cut a piece of the stabilizer at least one inch larger than the hoop size you are planning to use.
  2. Fuse the entire piece of the stabilizer on to the back of the garment using a low temp, dry iron. (260°F, silk setting) When pressing the stabilizer on to the garment, the iron surface should touch the fabric, not the stabilizer.
  3. Hoop the garment and place the embroidery frame on to the machine. Complete the layout and centering of the design.
  4. Important! If the design is denser than 6,000 stitches or if it is a poorly digitized design (too many stitches for designs size),"float" one layer of Floriani Medium Tearaway between the hoop and the bed of the machine for each additional 8,000 stitches for added support! After the design is complete the tear away can be removed leaving just the soft mesh against the skin.
  5. After the design is complete, remove the garment from the machine and embroidery hoop. To remove the No Show Mesh Fusible, re-heat the stabilizer and peel it back gently to the design and trim.
  6. *Tip! If embroidering knit, don't forget to use topping!
  7. *Tip! To get extra support on large or problem designs without adding bulk, try crossing two layers of the fusible mesh, one at 90°and the other at 45°. This will offer a tremendous amount of stabilization without stiffness.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Betty
(posted on 04/03,2020 17:55:36)
Can I use showmesh fusible in making face masks?


A Note From Kayly:
Dear Betty,
You can use the fusible version if you in fact fuse it to the cotton. We actually recommend using our Floriani Dream Weave Ultra interlining to fuse to the fabric and then use a piece of our Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh (non-fusible) as an insert between the front and back of the mask as an extra layer of filtration. These directions can be found on the website and RNK Distributing Facebook pages.
For future tech support, questions or concerns please write to us by clicking on “Ask Kayly” or kayly@RNKDistributing.com.
Review by  Bill P - New To Embroidery but not that new!
(posted on 08/15,2019 20:38:19)
I am stumped with this stablizer. I've been using my Bernina 700 to embroider for a couple of years now...not extensively but lately I'm back at it. I've tried No Show Fusible Mesh and for the life of me, I can get it to stick unless the iron is on it's highest setting. It's not an old iron (2 years) and it's a Rowenta so it's not junk. How long to you need to keep the iron on the material in order to get it to stick? And is there a time needed after ironing to let it set ? I didn't think this would be complicated ! Sorry but I'm new to the product and want to make sure it's user error and not blame the product. Any advice is welcome! Thanks


A Note from Kayly: Thank you for your comments. Not sure what is going on with the fusing issue but it should certainly fuse in at a wool setting on your iron immediately. Please write to me through our tech support “kayly@rnkdistributing.com” and send me your address, I will get this replaced immediately! Best regards, Kayly
Review by  Sandi
(posted on 11/03,2018 21:08:06)
I always use the no show, I love it on stretchy fabrics, my question is, I just used it on a vest with a liner, the liner fabric is like a soft flannel, when I removed my no show, it left some residue, and I am not sure what to use to remove it. Thank you, Sandi


A Note from Kayly: Thank you for writing in to us. It sounds as though your iron was too hot when you pressed the product on to the garment. Remember that all Floriani fusible stabilizers require a "low" temperature. To remove any residue, press a piece of clean muslin to the particles using a medium setting on your iron, pull the muslin away and it should lift the fusible particles from the fabric. You may need to repeat this process multiple times using clean pieces of fabric. Remember to use "ask kayly" for any and all questions concerning our stabilizers and threads - we are here to help! Best regards, Kayly
Review by  Chris
(posted on 08/13,2014 14:04:00)
the best and no waste for the small embroidery hoop, just cut 8 inch strips and then in half! I love it!!!
Review by  Beth
(posted on Dec 09, 2013)
I love the Floriani products, I've used the No Show Mesh now on several children's shirts. All have come out beautifully. The only complaint I have is that when I used it on a fleece sweatshirt, it was difficult to remove the stabilizer from the shirt after it was embroidered. Not to say it couldn't be operator error, I am new to embroidery. Perhaps another stabilizer would have been a better choice. Perhaps a non-fusible. Love your products!!!


A Note from Kayly: Thank you for your comments! I agree - Wet N Gone Tacky is perfect for embroidery on hard to hoop items such as napkins, collars, cuffs, etc. However, it is not designed to be embroidered directly on to free standing lace. Please use our regular Wet N Gone for this technique and make sure the lace is digitized for "free standing". The adhesive on Wet N Gone Tacky is more difficult to remove if your water is hard. The answer is to use a water softener in the water such as hair conditioner, fabric softener or my favorite, bath water gel beads! This will force the adhesive to "let go" of the fibers of the fabric and they will wash away. Remember to use room temperature water for the best results.
Review by  Aunt Bee
(posted on Mar 29, 2012)
I love this product too. I have used white cutaway stabilizers on tee shirts and you can see the outline of the stabilitzer and it appears stiffer than the rest of the shirt. This does not show through and is soft while still holding the shirt for the embroidery process.
Review by  Connie Yang
(posted on Dec 06, 2010)
This product is amazing and I love it. I have never found a design that doesn't work great with this. It is soft holds the stitches and the fusibility is great for holding the garment still in the hoop. I would recommend to everyone.
Review by  Beverly Brown
(posted on Oct 29, 2010)
I was new to embroidery and someone said try Floriani. Well I did and now I try not to run out of any of the Floriani products. Other embroiderers think I am to particular. I really want to tell them to look at their end product versus mine. I will continue to use the product and do not intend to change. If I want to sell a bullet proof vest then I will use the same thing they do.
Review by 
(posted on )
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