Hi Loft Dimensional Topping and Stabilizer

Give your embroidery a raised topography without the need for stiff EVA foam! This unique 100% water soluble topping is similar to fleece in texture and expands your embroidery stitches! Create a three-dimensional effect when used as topping for lettering or satin stitch embroidery! Also use for creating dramatic effects for free-standing lace, logos or decals when placed in the embroidery hoop alone! Rinses away clean with no messy residue!

Initial orders will be in 40” x ½ yard packs (FHLT-HALT)

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This unique product is a fibrous and completely water-soluble stabilizer that lifts your satin stitches to create a “puffy” effect. This “fleece-like” topping can be added to most embroidery designs including logos, satin borders or lace to create a 3-dimensional finish! No adjustments to your design or fonts is needed. The wider the satin stitch, the more Hi-Loft Dimensional Topping will puff up. Once the embroidery is complete, simply rinse the Hi-Loft away.
• Create free standing lace with 3D effects
• Perfect for appliqués
• Create textured trim
• Create “puffy” lettering
To use Hi-Loft Dimensional Topping
1) Hoop your stabilizer and project as normal.
2) Use embroidery needle suitable for your embroidery design. No special embroidery needle required.
3) Place a piece of Hi-Loft Dimensional Topping over the area you wish to “puff” up. *Tip – Use a small amount of RNK Stitch Perfection Tape or our Quilters Select Fabric Glue on the corners to hold in place while you stitch!
4) Embroider the design, remove project from hoop.
5) Trim excess Hi-Loft Dimensional Topping away from the embroidery design as much as possible.
6) Rinse the fabric and remaining Hi-Loft Dimensional Topping using lukewarm water. Rub gently to help remove visible topping.
**Note: Save trimmings from your project. Use Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky® tape to hold pieces together and use in your next project.
Using Hi-Loft Dimensional Topping for Free-Standing Lace:
1) Place one or two layers of Floriani Wet N Gone® stabilizer in the embroidery frame.
2) Follow steps 2 – 6 from above.
Size available: 40” x ½ yard


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