Quilt It Soft Polyester

Enjoy durability, warmth and silky softness in your next quilting or home dec project with Floriani’s Quilt It Soft Polyester batting. This incredibly soft foundation is resilient and lightweight. It cannot be harmed by moths or mildew and can be easily and safely machine washed. Quilters value the loft that Floriani Quilt It Soft Polyester provides! The specialized technique used to create this unique batting offers drape when creating a quilted jacket or vest and offers a stable center for your highly embellished or very simple wall hangings, bed quilts, pillows, bags and more. Ideal for trapunto, sashiko and in-the-hoop quilting projects! The batting has minimal stretch and can be stitched up to 6” apart.


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Floriani’s Quilt It Soft Polyester is made from silicone enhanced polyester fibers for the ultimate softness and is specially bonded to help eliminate bearding during the laundering process. The result is an easy to stitch, lofty batting.

100 % Polyester

Laundering and Care
Washer/Dryer Safe – Cool Temperatures Recommended
Expect no shrinkage when laundering this batting however, should you use hot temperature while washing and drying a quilt or garment, the fabrics used could shrink up to 3% if they are not shrunk prior to use



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