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Floriani Total Control U

"Never before have I purchased a software that had SO much after-sale support. I am so impressed with the amount of teaching your company provides to ensure customers are getting the most out of the product! I purchased mine several years ago, and due to a faulty computer with repeated crashes, I have yet to really explore the software, but I recently bought a new laptop and installed my software (thanks to the help of RNK's great Helpdesk team) and I'm looking forward to rewatching the tutorials while sitting in front of my machines. Thank you again for a fantastic product with SO many creative possibilities inside!! "

Make it a great day!
-TA Smiley

FTC-U provides the tools you need to turn your ideas and designs into works of art!


FTC-U provides the tools you need to turn your ideas and designs into works of art!

New EXCLUSIVE FTC-U Features include:

  • Wave Gradient Fill Patterns
  • Wave Color Blend Patterns
  • Apply Template Layouts to designs
  • Apply fabric texture background to design page
  • Create Name Drops
  • Create Button Hole
  • Photo Stitch Wizard
  • Add ZigZag, Wave, Twirl, Pinch, and Spherize
    Distortion to objects

Whether you are a hobbyist or full commercial embroiderer Walter Floriani has the perfect embroidery software solution for you!

NO COMPETITIOR’S SOFTWARE comes close to the features OR price point of Walter Floriani’s embroidery software.

MSRP: $4299.00

Detailed Software ComaprisonDIGITIZING TOOLS:

  • Wave Gradient Fill Patterns
  • Wave Color Blend Patterns
  • Apply Template Layouts to designs
  • Create Name Drops
  • Create Button Hole
  • Advanced Font upsize warning system
  • Enhanced Split Designs
  • True Type Text Fonts
  • Text on Path
  • Single Line Satin Input Method
  • Convert Images to Vector Artwork
  • Wave Fill Pattern
  • Enhanced 11 fonts Closest Point Connect Fonts
  • Redwork Tool
  • Inside-Out text feature (for caps or jacket back lettering designs)
  • Artwork tool (create vector artwork that can be exported or converted into stitches)
  • Cross Stitch Tool
  • Auto Digitizing Wizard (work with vector and image files)
  • Segmented Auto Digitizing for user controlled auto digitizing
  • Manual digitizing
  • Mulitple stitch types (manual, run, satin, steil, fill, applique, cross stitch)


  • Enhanced Save2Sew - automatically adjusts design density, underlay, and compensation based on fabric type selected
  • Photo Stitch Wizard
  • Add ZigZag, Wave, Twirl, Pinch, and Spherize Distortion to objects
  • Enhanced Create custom emboss/fancy fill patterns
  • Create Outline Feature
  • Color Blending Feature
  • Create custom motif patterns
  • Design library (drag and drop onto design page)


  • Slice Tool for splitting one artwork element into multiple elements
  • Optimize Entry/Exit points (automatically rearranges entry/exit points for design optimization)
  • Optimize design sequence (automatically rearranges design sewing sequence for optimal sewing sequence)
  • Color Sort tool for rearranging a design by color
  • Convert between stitch types
  • Unlimited redo/undo
  • Resize with stitch regeneration
  • Alignment tools/functions
  • Transform designs/objects
  • Re-sequence object in Sequence manager
  • Break apart text for additional editing capabilities
  • Modify start and end points of design elements
  • Modify stitch direction/angles in design elements
  • Modify element shape with node editing
  • Change density, underlay, underlay settings, compensation, stitch lengths
  • Resize, rotate, and distort lettering
  • Edit individual stitch points
  • Add and Delete individual stitches
  • Change node type/properties


  • Apply fabric texture background to design page
  • Enhanced Adjustable grid settings (lines or dots)
  • Ruler - measure design elements
  • Fade objects
  • Zoom in and out using mouse scroll
  • Image fading
  • 3D replication of embroidery design
  • Customizable software layout
  • Slow redraw - simulated stitch sewout
  • Floating or docking toolbars
  • Custom user-created guidelines
  • Select/hide objects
  • Select/hide by thread color sequence
  • View stitch ends
  • View design sequence

Embroidery Formats Supported:

Floriani Files (WAF), Baby Lock/Brother/Bernina (PES), Elna/Janome/Kenmore (SEW), Elna(EMD), Janome/Elna(JEF), Viking/Husqvarna (HUS), Pfaff (PCS), Tajima (DST), Singer/Poem (CSD), Singer (XXX), Melco(EXP), Viking D1 (SHV), Viking/Pfaff (VIP), Viking/Pfaff (VP3)

Image Files Supported:


Vector Artwork Supported:


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 8 and up
  • P4 Processor
  • 1GB Hard Drive Space
  • 500MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 Display
  • Mouse
  • Internet Access

"Just a note, I have owned many software’s through the last twenty years. Floriani is the best and easiest to use. But one of the most important and best part, is the one line videos. I have purchased so many programs and have had no lessons or support with. I live in a rural area. Now I have finally gotten software that my dealers teaches and if I can't make the classes I can go on line. Thank you!"


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Gloria Zacher
(posted on 12/04,2020 17:22:44)
I love my Floriani Total Control. The ease of use is fantastic, and product support has been there when I needed it. Getting all the updates with no charge has been a great benefit.
Review by  Vbishop63
(posted on 02/14,2020 04:28:00)
Purchased recently—I’m amazed and overwhelmed with all the information and fun tools that are available to me. I’m new to sewing and embroidering and with the help of FTC-U, I’m having a great time creating!!! So glad I decided to to purchase your wonderful product.
Review by  Djcapsalot
(posted on 12/24,2019 18:33:48)
I also have several embroidery programs over the years and Will tell you Floriani beats them all! It is the only software you should have hands down. More training,videos and lifetime upgrades to say the least. Classes for training every month for free, more content then you will ever need. I'm sorry many years ago at a show I made the wrong decision no going with FTCU. Henry
Review by  Dee
(posted on 08/17,2019 16:19:58)
I have tried other products however in my view this one is hands down the best product on the market. Within a week of loading the product, I was creating designs by following the tutorials.
Review by  Craftigal
(posted on 06/03,2019 20:27:44)
I just got my software, but waiting on my new computer to load it on. Can't wait to use it. So impressed so far with the on line tutorials - giving it four stars for now, but will revisit when I actually begin to use it myself. My husband has as specific design for a cap in mind, so I'm anxious to see if I can pull it off.
Review by  DBembroidery
(posted on 01/13,2019 03:44:56)
Love this program. If you have a problem, email them and you have answers. I am totally new to digitizing and this program is awesome.
Review by  Linda
(posted on 09/25,2018 18:07:49)
I just love, love, love this software. I am new to the digitizing world and Floriani is by far the best program I have seen. It's easy to use and all my finished embroidery projects look very professional. All the support and education is Phenomenal. I highly recommend this program to all embroidery enthusiasts (of all levels) looking for an easy, powerful program to take their embroidery skills to the next level!
Review by  Tito
(posted on 05/08,2018 19:01:06)
I am a beginner to embroidery and this software program. I have asked a lot of questions and get immediate responses all of the available resources on the website. I am looking forward to being able to do all of my big embroidery ideas with this software program.
Review by  Kiora
(posted on 05/08,2018 04:43:47)
It's great
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