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Floriani Chrome Needles

Introducing Floriani Chrome Needles made by Schmetz!

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Get the Chrome Needle App Today!

"We love the chrome needles. The needles have been flying off the stand. I have increased my order and they still are flying off the stand. Our customer's let us know that their threads haven't been breaking using the chrome needles. I personally wanted to see if the metallic threads would keep from breaking while embroidering out lace designs as they have in the past using other brands of needles. I did a test making Christmas ornaments using the metallic thread and Chrome Metallic 90/14 needle and didn't have one breakage of the thread. What a thrill that was." Carol, ABest Sew & Vac

Why Chrome?

It is not an easy task to improve the best needles ever made, but Floriani Chrome by Schmetz does offer a class of needles never seen before in the Home Sewing/Quilting/Embroidery Industry. The Commercial Sewing Industry realized the advantages Chrome brought to the performance of commercial equipment many years ago, and Floriani now offers those same advantages to the Home Industry. Floriani Chrome by Schmetz gives consumers a more durable and better performance needle. Floriani Chrome by Schmetz offers needles with superior strength that are much longer lasting, and are guaranteed to deliver the perfect stitch for every fabric type, every time. Only Schmetz could produce a needle worthy of the Floriani Brand, and Floriani is proud to offer the Home Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Industry the best needles ever made. Floriani Chrome by Schmetz!

You will love using the best needles in the world, brought to you by the company you have come to respect for their superior quality in every product wearing the Floriani Brand Name.

Floriani Chrome Needle Guide

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Sample a Floriani design for yourself!

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