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UDesign It Snowman

This is a unique embroidery design set that requires you to have FTC-U. Once the designs are loaded into FTC-U, the magic begins. You pick the individual parts of each design to create a one-of-a-kind design made by you! Enjoy other UDesignIT collections with the same amazing customizable features!

  • File Formats: WAF
  • CD includes UDesignIT embroidery design files
  • Largest design requires 5” x 7” (180x130mm) hoop
  • Designs will only function with FTC-U

Floriani Thread Colors Used
103, 105, 106, 127, 200, 229, 229, 231, 231, 233, 245, 312, 367, 372, 372, 376, 413, 488, 489, 523, 535, 546, 565, 663, 663, 673, 702, 749, 800, 813, 900, k07, k33, k37, y40


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Lola Lita
(posted on 09/20,2016 20:02:11)
I have not embroidered it yet but plan to, very soon, as soon as my printer (which died) works. I am looking forward to using the designs. I very new to Floriani T U but I am hoping to learn how to use it very soon.
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(posted on )
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