25 Sheet Packs of Floriani Stabilizer, precut to fit a hoop
so you can get straight to your sewing and embroidery!
Available in four of our most popular stabilizer types,
including a 20 sheet assortment pack! Available in two
sizes, 10”x12” sheets and 12” x 15” sheets!

Sizes Available:

Floriani Perfect Stick Tearaway

   F-HNG10FPS (10”x12”)

   F-HNG15FPS (12” x 15”)

Floriani Power Mesh Fusible (Natural)

   F-HNG10FPMF (10”x12”)

   F-HNG15FPMF (12” x 15”)

Floriani Heat N Sta

   F-HNG10FHS (10”x12”)

   F-HNG15FHS (12” x 15”)

Floriani Wet N Gone

  F-HNG10FWG (10”x12”)

   F-HNG15FWG (12” x 15”)

Floriani Assortment

   F-HNG10ASSRT (10”x12”)

   F-HNG15ASSRT (12” x 15”)


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