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Floriani Perfect Stick Tearaway

With Perfect Stick, embroidery in almost any area is achievable! Enjoy quality stitching with no residue build up or gummy needles. Perfect Stick is ideal for hard to hoop items such as bulky towels, backpacks, collars, napkin corners, or socks. Also use for fabrics that can be damaged by the hooping process, a.k.a. Hoop Burn; fabrics like leather, velvet, ultra-suede and satin. With Perfect Stick you will enjoy the stability of a firm yet flexible stabilizer that will support all types of embroideries on most fabrics.

To use Perfect Stick® Tearaway:

  1. Place one piece of Perfect Stick Tearaway®, paper side up, into the embroidery frame and make sure it is "tambourine skin" tight. 
  2. Score the paper with a straight pin or scissor tip and peel back the protective paper to expose the sticky surface.  
  3. Smooth the item to be embroidered into place.
  4. Place the embroidery hoop on the machine and center the design.  
  5. Use a topping if necessary and secure the corners.  
  6. Stitch the design.  
  7. To remove Perfect Stick Tearaway®, dampen the back of the embroidery with a wet cloth or sponge. Allow the moisture to penetrate for 10 seconds and then tear away the stabilizer.

On average, Floriani Perfect Stick® Tearaway should support a design with no more than 10,000 stitches and/or around 4" x 5" in size. If the design has a higher stitch count, simply "float" a square of Floriani Stitch N Wash TearAway between the hoop and the bed of the machine to support the additional stitches. 


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Customer Reviews

Review by  corrine
(posted on 11/21,2020 13:56:04)
Was at a loss and this really helped
Review by  G Hoffman
(posted on 05/18,2020 22:56:11)
This is the best for getting designs next to an edge when you can't hoop the fabric. Love it!
Review by  Latinteacher
(posted on 01/28,2020 21:40:46)
I have used a lot of stabilizers over the years, but this is the best! My embroidery looks great, and Perfect Stick is so easy to remove. I will never buy any other brand.
Review by  Ruth Theobald
(posted on 12/26,2016 23:21:16)
great for hard to hoop items!
Review by  Hope
(posted on Jan 15, 2014)
Love this stabilizer. No needle breakage. Easy to use and love that it's part water soluble fibers. My favorite for multi needle machines.
Review by  Gayle
(posted on Jul 19, 2013)
This is a fantastic product. I do a lot of towels in my small business and have never had a failure. It holds everything with no movement and removes from the piece so easy.
Review by  Sara
(posted on May 08, 2013)
I use Perfect Stick on all my hard to hoop items. I was having a horrible time with another product that was sold to me when I bought my Bernina. I thought I was going to pull my hair out fighting with this product, thinking it was me being new to machine embroidery until I found Perfect Stick. It is fantastic on towels, onesies, and anything that's hard to hoop.
Review by  Wanda Halker
(posted on Feb 17, 2013)
It the only product I use all the time. Love it
Review by  Erik Tate
(posted on Mar 04, 2012)
We use it in our 11 Tidewater Sew-vac stores to demonstrate our high-end babylock and Brother embroidery machines. We embroider on little hankerchiefs and find that the Perfect Stick is the easiest and cleanest method to stabilize small, hard to hoop items.
Review by  Paddy Baribeau
(posted on Dec 26, 2011)
Fantastic to use would love to get samples of your outher products to see if I can use some of them.
Review by  jay
(posted on Dec 05, 2011)
I love this product. But my problem is when I use it under onesies or a blanket, I have to remove this from the back of embroidery, where I need to iron-on the soft fabric so baby's skin does not touch the back of embroidery. It will not come off easily. way too time consuming . So now I have stopped using it under anything like blankets, onesies, clothing etc.


A Note from Kayly:
Thank you very much for your post. Remember that Perfect Stick Tearaway is a partially water soluble tearaway. It is very easy to completely remove from the back of a garment by placing a wet cloth over the back of the embroidery, wait several seconds and them remove the stabilizer. My recommendation for the very best embroidery on a baby one piece is to prep the garment first with our No Show Nylon Mesh which is a very soft fusible cutaway. This will establish a non-stretch foundation that can then be stuck down to the Perfect Stick since it is such a small area to be embroidered. Don't forget to use topping since the fabric is knit - this will keep stitches elevated and beautiful. Once the stabilizer is removed, iron a piece of Floriani Dream Weave over the embroidery for a soft finish!
Happy Embroidering,
Review by  Dawn Slayton
(posted on Mar 07, 2011)
Review by  Connie Yang
(posted on Feb 17, 2011)
I love this for anything that I don't want to hoop such as fleece or towels. Wonderful! And doesn't gum up needles.
Review by  Amy Anderton
(posted on Feb 01, 2011)
Can you say AWESOME!! I love it with my fast frames!! It's the best stabilizer ever(:
Review by  Labonton
(posted on Jan 18, 2011)
Love It.
Review by  Becky Schommer
(posted on Dec 14, 2010)
I use this with my fast frames...it's wonderful!!
Review by  Colette Park
(posted on Nov 05, 2010)
Don't know what I would do without this product!
Review by  Karen Blan
(posted on Oct 11, 2010)
Works wonderfully with my Fast Frames...does not gum up needles like sticky products from other companies does.
Review by  Phillip McNally
(posted on Jul 31, 2010)
Perfect Stick is the best product I have found. It is wonderful for towels. I have had wonderful success using this product.
Review by  Judy Veyera
(posted on Jun 29, 2010)
It works great for velvet.
Review by  Arlene Price
(posted on Jun 11, 2010)
this product can be used in many ways. I often use it to draw on and then stick to the fabric as a guide to tapestry images.
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