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Floriani Mixed Thread

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Floriani Mixed thread is created by twisting two colors together to form a textured and unique blend which will add dimension to your embroidery.  Turn ordinary floral designs into shaded and textured masterpieces - stems and petals will seem as though you could pick them right off the fabric!  Your animals and critters will appear to have fur instead of a flat finish!  Floriani Mixed Thread is truly unique and will take your ordinary embroidery to an extraordinary creative level.  Floriani Chrome Topstitch size 12 is the recommended needle type for this specialty thread. 

Look at the difference in texture created with Floriani Mixed Thread vs. normal polyester

Mix Thread Color Numbers
FU01, FU02, FU03, FU04, FU05, FU06, FU07, FU08, FU09, FU10, FU11, FU12, FU13, FU14


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