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Floriani Favorite Embroidery Tool Kit

From the Embroidery GURU and Master Digitizer Walter Floriani comes "Floriani's Favorite Embroidery Tool Kit"

In this kit you will find the absolute essentials for every embroiderer. Walter has carefully selected the 5 tools he has used most through his extensive career as an Embroidery Master. With Walter's close guidance we have chosen the very best materials and configured these tools totally to his specifications.
If you Embroider, Quilt, or Sew, we know you will love them.

Tool Kit

Kit Includes:

E Z Snip: Micro serrated snips perfect for any thread weight

Angled Tweezers: Multi use tweezers: Use the points for precise picking, use as a stiletto when closed. Use for embellishing, use the back side of the tweezers for picking up your crystals and beads, works great with any hot fix glue gun! Also use the back end of the tweezers for pulling paper with your paper piecing projects

4.5" Large ring micro tip scissors is a perfect scissors for all your needle art projects. These scissors have nice large rings for easy in and out you wont have to worry about getting your fingers stuck in these, and the fine sharp points make this perfect for getting underneath tight stitches and for all your "fussy" cutting projects.

Applique scissors, this is your traditional duck bill applique, great for trimming all your applique work.

5" Straight trimmer, perfect for trimming your fabrics and stabilizers.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Nancy
(posted on 11/29,2017 17:05:37)
These were recommended when I first got started with embroidery. They are invaluable at my machine
Review by  blondie
(posted on 08/31,2016 15:17:29)
love it
Review by  Anne54Dakota
(posted on Aug 30, 2012)
LOVE the little tweezers! And the micro snips made some 'unstitching' fairly easy to do. (Purchased at dealer's Floriani spring 2012 event)
Review by  Just Joan
(posted on Jul 15, 2012)
Great set of tools. Very sharp and covers about everything you would need for embridering or sewing projects. Everyone should have this kit.
Review by  Lillian - TEXAS
(posted on Jan 05, 2012)
Got this great set of very sharp implements when I attended a Walter Floriani Event in Plano Texas in December.
I love the curved embroidery EZ Snips. Also the micro tip scissors come in handy often. These scissors came in a "whats New" kit that was very reasonably priced. A MUST HAVE item.
Review by  Debbie
(posted on Nov 26, 2011)
Saw this kit demonstrated at a Floriani event at my dealer's. My daughter decided to purchase them for me for Christmas, so I am so excited. Great quality tools for my best work yet.
Review by  Rudy's mom
(posted on Sep 19, 2011)
Fantastic. I got this set at an Anita Goodesign class last weekend and the ladies at my table used them and they (the scissors) were terrific. I'm so glad I purchased them.
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