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Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky

8.5" x 11" Printable Sheets!

This fibrous water-soluble stabilizer features a pressure sensitive coating for holding hard to hoop items in place while you stitch or embroider.  The water soluble base does a beautiful job of supporting dense embroidery designs on most fabric styles where complete stabilizer removal is desired.  Use for holding down corners of napkins and handkerchiefs, collars and cuffs as well as the edges of hand towels, ribbons and more!  Use the new tape size rolls for turning up hems for flawless stitching, securing decorative trims and edging or use as an ideal foundation for built in decorative stitches.  The new printable sheets provide a perfect template for thread painting, red-work, cross-stitch, bead work and more!

Now available in new tape sizes! Perfect for taping down quilt batting and more!

 To use regular Wet N Gone® for free standing lace and/or embroideries:

  1. Hoop one layer of the stabilizer within the embroider frame. Try to achieve "tight as a drum" tension without stretching or distorting the stabilizer.
  2. Embroider the design.
  3. Remove the product from the hoop and trim away as much of the stabilizer as possible.
  4. Rinse away the Wet N Gone® using luke warm water. *Tip - If your desire is to have the lace stiff, simply get the embroidery wet. Don't rinse! Once it is wet, the stabilizer will be absorbed into the stitching and will dry stiff.

Now, Floriani has created printable, pre-cut sheets of this extraordinary product to expand your creative possibilities!  Create templates that will adhere and then wash out.  Use for a variety of surface embellishment projects such as bead-work, thread painting, red-work, cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel embroidery and more!  To use – print the image directly onto the Wet N Gone Tacky sheet using a light color of ink, remove the release paper, stick down the template and stitch!

To use Wet N Gone Fusible®:

  1. Fuse one layer of the stabilizer on to the back of the fabric. Be sure to use a piece at least one inch larger than the outer parameter of the hoop to insure proper stabilization. *Important - Use a low temp (260°, silk) setting on your iron. Do not touch the surface of your iron to the Wet N Gone Fusible®, use a press cloth (muslin or cotton). Press quickly! It is not necessary to hold the iron to the fabric for more than three seconds.
  2. Repeat steps 2-4 from above.

To use Wet N Gone Tacky®:

  1. Place one layer of the product in your embroidery hoop, paper side up.
  2. Score the release paper with a pin or needle and peel back.
  3. Stick the garment or item to be embroidered in place and smooth out any wrinkles.
    *Tip - It is necessary to use "soft" water to get optimal rinse results with this product.
  4. Repeat steps 2 - 4 from above


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Customer Reviews

Review by  G
(posted on 08/14,2021 23:03:13)
Easy to use, no sticky build-up on needle, and the design turned out great! Warm water removed the stabilizer. Most cut-aways are too stiff for a quilt. Tear-aways stress the stitches too much. I am making quilt blocks, and the fabric with embroidery is all that is left after soaking in warm water. The blocks will be soft in the quilt, which is the feel I was trying to get. Wonderful product!
Review by  CJ
(posted on 11/14,2020 20:16:24)
This is the best tacky I have ever used. It is strong, not stretchy, residue does not cling to the needle, and it is easy to remove with softened water. I even use it with my large magnetic hoops. It is a great time saver to not hoop projects.
Review by  Trevor Conquergood
(posted on 11/19,2019 22:28:04)
This is one of my favourite Floriani Products!
Review by  Katherine
(posted on 03/16,2019 19:23:20)
I use this product for embroidery but also use it when mending stretchy sports clothing like slinky basketball shorts, tights, leggings. It allows you to sew more easily and with a much better seam on this wiggly fabric. Pin edges of rip or blown out seam together. Cut Wet n Gone Tacky into strips....just a bit wider than your seam allowance is enough. Pull the paper, stick the strips along the raw edges over your pins, sew with a narrow zig zag, overlock, or other stretchy stitch (don't use with a serger). Pull the pins as you sew. Rinse with soft water as instructed above. I don't recommend using a tear away as there aren't usually enough stitches to perforate and you don't want any stabilizer left in the seam allowance to irritate the skin. Great result.
Review by  Rena
(posted on 01/18,2018 17:49:43)
I had used Sulky sticky to hand embroider and bead tulle for ballet bodices. A friend suggested Floriani so I tried it. It is wonderful to sew through however it is REALLY hard to get out of the tulle. Guess I'm back to my Sulky since it's easier to get out even though it's harder to embroider. I will however use the Floriani for other embroidery items.


A Note from Kayly:
Hi Rena and thank you for your comment. Keeping our products needle friendly is priority. Our adhesive is a bit harder to remove when there are minerals present in water. To remove the adhesive from the project, use a water softener. My favorite is “bath beads” but I have also had success with fabric softener or hair conditioner. Personally, my water is “well water” and has a lot of minerals present - the adhesive tries to hang on to the minerals - using a softener forces the minerals to flush out with the water leaving your project perfectly soft. Good luck and thanks again for your comment.
Review by  Bobbie
(posted on 01/03,2016 02:31:40)
I love this product!
Review by  Patsy
(posted on Oct 23, 2013)
It is really a great product for hoop-less items. It's very hard to get out! Absolutely do not use it on FreeStandingLace!


A Note from Kayly: Thank you for your comments! I agree - Wet N Gone Tacky is perfect for embroidery on hard to hoop items such as napkins, collars, cuffs, etc. However, it is not designed to be embroidered directly on to free standing lace. Please use our regular Wet N Gone for this technique and make sure the lace is digitized for "free standing". The adhesive on Wet N Gone Tacky is more difficult to remove if your water is hard. The answer is to use a water softener in the water such as hair conditioner, fabric softener or my favorite, bath water gel beads! This will force the adhesive to "let go" of the fibers of the fabric and they will wash away. Remember to use room temperature water for the best results.
Review by  Shirley Fukumoto
(posted on Mar 17, 2011)
Amazing Product!
Review by  Carol Thomison
(posted on Aug 27, 2010)
I love the wet and gone tacky, there are so many items I hate to hoop, and it's also perfect to use behind all types of general heirloom sewing.
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