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UDesign It Design Sets

Unique embroidery design set that require you to have FTC-U. Once the designs are loaded into FTC-U, the magic begins. You pick the individual parts of each design to create a one-of-a-kind design made by you! Enjoy other UDesignIT collections with the same amazing customizable features!  

Never before have you had this much freedom and variation at your FTC-U fingertips! For example, in the Snowman UDI collection there are 10 bodies, 10 left arms, 10 right arms, 12 heads, 11 top buttons and 11 bottom buttons. That adds up to over 200,000 different variations for just ONE of the bodies in the snowmen collection. And that means that for the 10 designs in this collection that are snowmen bodies, there are more than 2 million different designs that could be stitched out!