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Thread Cards, Charts and Conversions

Ever wonder how many stitches you can get from a cone of Floriani 40 weight polyester thread?

These are approximate values:

5000 meter/5500 yard cone 1,000,000 stitches 
1000 meter/1100 yard spool 200,000 stitches 
200 meter/220 yard spool 40,000 stitches

Choose a Link from below. To view results in your browser, click on the PDF icon for the desired resource. To download the resource to your computer click on the ZIP icon.

Thread Conversion:

The Floriani Thread App offers an amazing feature, our new color matcher! You can pick any thread made by just about any thread company and find its match. Choose between Apple or Android below and get the app today!

Floriani Stabilizer and Chrome Needle Apps are also available. Click here for more details on all Floriani Apps.

Thread Converter Pro is available within the FTCU Software.