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Floriani Thread App

Attention Floriani Thread App Users:
Our threads and sets are constantly changing so we have made the decision to do a complete revamp of our thread app for Apple and Android users. Please bear with us as we complete this reconstruction project! We promise the new version will be up to date, easily accessible and thorough with information from past and present thread colors. Thank you for your patience!

This app is so wonderful!  As you know we released our Chrome Needle App several months ago so this new one is just the next step in helping you get all your Floriani threads organized and inventoried.

The Thread Organizer section lets you put your personal inventory of Floriani thread into the app and if you see you are getting low on a particular color, simply add it to your built in shopping list! Be honest, have you ever gone to your Floriani dealer and picked up "new" colors of threads only to get home and realize you already had them? We all do this!  This app will help you get everything organized beautifully and tweak your shopping list.

Another amazing feature is our new color matcher.  You can pick any thread made by just about any thread company and find its match in Floriani - the color palette slides from side to side with a finger swipe  and then you can simply pick the shade you like best - check your inventory to see if you have it or add it to your shopping list - WOW! You're going to just love this!

The app is listed as Floriani Thread in the App Store and Google Play.  We hope you download it soon.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Cathy
(posted on 08/20,2020 22:15:58)
I would love for all the RNK threads to be added to the app. Other than that, the app is definitely a 5-star for me!!!
Review by  Lisa Ringus
(posted on 07/18,2020 01:02:54)
I use this all the time. I wish I had it along time ago because I have duplicates. Highly recommend to keep organized
Review by  Kimkatmom
(posted on 07/12,2020 19:45:42)
The app is great. I have version 1.4 on an iPhone. There needs to be a feature we can add colors numbers and names. I have about 5O colors that need to be entered.
Review by  Tracy
(posted on 07/11,2020 22:19:27)
I love this app but it needs to update as the new 2020 colors are not in the list.
Review by  Deb D
(posted on 07/09,2020 11:25:08)
I love this app! I refer to it when shopping and also when embroidering.
Review by  Hazily
(posted on 05/19,2020 21:59:48)
I LOVE this - so easy to take with me to the store and not get MORE duplicate or triplicate colors! The only drawback I see is that the UH colors are not included - hopefully that will be an enhancement soon?????? I buy the seasonal color collections at least once a year and have probably 35-40 UH thread colors.
Review by  StaciaF
(posted on 12/31,2019 15:30:44)
I love the app!! When will the update be available in the App Store? I see the Android version was updated on 12/10/19.
Review by  Renee
(posted on 12/19,2019 23:04:20)
I would love to be able to use the thread color matcher, it does not work on android phones. I even uninstalled the app I had on my phone and reinstalled it, and lost all of the thread I have listed in the app. Looks like they have updated the app for I-phones, when will the app for android phones be updated.


Hello and Thank you for your comment.
Yes, it has been a challenging year for our Android version of the thread app! Please accept our apologies and thank you for your patience.
Good News - the app has just been completely updated and refaced!
Please remove the old version of the app from your phone completely (FlorianiT) and reinstall the NEW app
(FlorianiThread). The link is:
Thank you again for your patience and understanding in this matter, enjoy the new app!
Review by  Jan
(posted on 12/16,2019 21:00:56)
Wonderful To Have
Review by  Carole
(posted on 12/04,2019 23:21:32)
The best
Review by  Sarah
(posted on 11/02,2019 20:33:00)
I love this app have been using it on my phone for a while. thank you so much
Review by  LT
(posted on 07/21,2019 15:42:23)
Love the app and delighted I can make lists for specific designs and make sure I have all the correct colors. How about adding the Holiday Set to the sets?? Not all numbers show on the list I have almost 40 colors that do not come up in the app when I enter the numbers...It would be so helpful to have all of them


A Note from Kayly: Thank you so much for your review! All Floriani colors (old, new, trending, sets, etc.) are in the app. We just did a major update about one month ago. Please make sure you have updated the app in order to see all these changes - thanks again for using our app!
Review by  debbiekr2
(posted on 03/30,2019 19:10:22)
App is so handy, love having all my thread in one place on my phone, makes shopping so easy. Please add Embellish threads! I would give 5 star rating but there is no way to save the thread info so if phone crashes, or you get a new phone, all info is lost. Also agree with other posts about discontinued threads.
Review by  MLT
(posted on 12/29,2018 23:09:39)
I love the app but only rated it with 3 stars because there is no place to put in older thread colors that I already own. Just because you stopped producing it does not mean we throw ours away. We still need to be able to list it some
Review by  Linda
(posted on 09/09,2018 02:22:02)
Love the new changes and the updates (version 1.3 (27) ) to the thread sets. But what happened to the 2016 Spring/Summer thread set?
Review by  Terry H
(posted on 05/11,2018 18:11:28)
Love this app. Has saved me a lot of money because I am not buying duplicates all the time. Would have given it 5 stars but it doesn't leave discontinued threads in the list. It would be helpful to leave them with a D after the number. That way if an older pattern calls for them we know its discontinued and if we have the color in our stash. Otherwise, this is a fabulous app.
Review by  Sadie Jo
(posted on 05/10,2018 21:34:38)
Fantastic idea! Stops me buying the same thing twice. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Review by  Bneighbor
(posted on 04/01,2018 12:57:47)
The BEST app to keep your Floriani threads organized. A list of what you have in inventory, a wish list of what you desire, and a color match system...what else could any Floriani Thread owner want or need. All at your fingertips.
Review by  Meolmucker
(posted on 03/13,2018 22:26:20)
I think this app is fabulous. I know at a glance which Floriani threads I have and has been a lifesaver on many occasions, helping me to colour match another thread manufacturer.
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