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Floriani Wet N Gone

This unique product is a fibrous water soluble stabilizer and does a superior job of supporting dense embroidery designs. Embroider most free standing lace with just one layer! Its clean rinse capability makes it the best choice when using it with delicate fibers such as yarn scarves or English netting. It is now available in a fusible as well as a sticky version.

  • Create free standing lace and use just one layer for most designs
  • Perfect for making appliqués, decorative pins and/or 3-D embroidery.
  • Rinses clean leaving no messy residue
  • Use as a topping for wide satin stitch designs on high pile fabrics for perfect results!

To use regular Wet N Gone® for free standing lace and/or embroideries:

  1. Hoop one layer of the stabilizer within the embroider frame. Try to achieve "tight as a drum" tension without stretching or distorting the stabilizer.
  2. Embroider the design.
  3. Remove the product from the hoop and trim away as much of the stabilizer as possible.
  4. Rinse away the Wet N Gone® using luke warm water. *Tip - If your desire is to have the lace stiff, simply get the embroidery wet. Don't rinse! Once it is wet, the stabilizer will be absorbed into the stitching and will dry stiff.

**Note: Not all lace is considered “Free Standing”. If your desire is to have the embroidery stand on its own, please make sure the packaging states the design is “Free Standing Lace Embroidery”. If you have any doubt, include one layer of nylon organza in the embroidery frame with the Wet N Gone.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Kathy
(posted on 01/29,2021 19:45:42)
I absolutely love this product. I love free standing lace and applique projects. This is the best stabilizer I have found when using these techniques together, or when doing stand alone lace projects.
Review by  Bev
(posted on 11/10,2020 19:03:08)
Great stabilizer. Easy to work with and makes any project fun.
Review by  Rueso
(posted on 08/19,2020 20:22:00)
I love this product! It has never failed any project I have used it on! I will buy it again and again!
Review by  Barbara Claycomb
(posted on 10/14,2019 21:45:02)
I think it works wonderful. Did all I wanted and more. thank you
Review by  Linda
(posted on 07/03,2017 16:19:35)
Love this product!!
Review by  Jacque
(posted on 11/21,2016 19:10:26)
Absolutely love this product!
Review by  Jean B.
(posted on 04/07,2014 22:23:00)
I use Wet & Gone for making lace bookmarks and they come out gorgeous every time. I just rinse the finished bookmarks with warm water and lay them flat on a towel to dry. The stabilizer disappears and the bookmarks are nicely stiff. I love Wet & Gone!
Review by  janet
(posted on Oct 09, 2013)
Review by  Penelope Pit Stop
(posted on Jul 11, 2012)
It is by far the best product I have ever used in making anything that is lace.
Review by  susanne
(posted on Dec 31, 2011)
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