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Floriani 30 Spool Seasonal Thread Sets

Thread Care Instructions

With every changing season, RNK Distributing offers a new, limited edition thread set of Trending Colors! Selected by some of the most influential Fashion Designers in the industry, these 30 spool thread sets contain the top colors seen on the runway. These sets are made up of lubricated embroidery threads that have a high sheen and high tensile strength, which makes them perfect for adding color and luster to your finished projects! They are your essential color guide to each and every season, with an assortment of vibrant shades that will fully capture everything you love about that time of year!

Current Seasonal 30 Thread Collections - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter*

Remember that our Floriani 40 weight Polyester Embroidery thread is made of very durable, color-fast materials. It is resistant to bleaching or exposure to sun light or salt water. This makes it ideal for embroidery or embellishment on baby items, uniforms, beach wear, towels, and other materials that may require repeated laundering or bleach.

*The thread colors and designs used in our seasonal collections are subject to change.



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Customer Reviews

Review by  Chickie 70
(posted on 06/01,2022 00:38:39)
Beautiful threads for embroidery & embroiders very nicely without breaking. Love this product.
Review by  Michele in Il
(posted on 04/07,2020 18:17:46)
When I bought my embroidery machine I purchased these sets to get me started. I have always just purchased Floriani embroidery thread! Love the size of the spool and how easy to catch the threads with the bottom ring. Colors are great and shiny!!
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(posted on )
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