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Embroidery Batting

A stable blend of cotton and poly for all your quilting needs!

This exclusive cotton/poly embroidery batting is needle punched to the highest standard to prevent stretch, puckering and shrinkage making it ideal for “in the hoop” quilting projects.  Whether your embroidery is light or dense this batting requires no additional stabilizer – the stabilizer is already built in for you!  Use for purses, hand-bags, quilt-in-the-hoop, baby items, jackets, vests, home-dec and more!

RNK Embroidery Batting

To use for Quilt-In-The-Hoop Embroidery:

  1. Cut the Embroidery Batting at least 1” larger than the embroidery frame you will be using.
  2. Place the quilt fabric being used for the back behind the Embroidery Batting (wrong side to batting) using a piece at least 1” larger than the Embroidery Batting.
  3. Place the two layers in the embroidery frame and hoop firmly so the layers are taut. 
  4. Complete the embroidery quilt piecing according to design directions.

To use for Quilts, Wall-Hangings, Home-Dec, Garments, etc.:

  1. Place the batting between layers and quilt as normal. 
    *Tip - Always cut the Embroidery Batting at least 1” larger than the desired finished size when utilizing heavy stitching or embellishment. 

Laundry Tips:

  1. Machine or hand-wash in cool water and mild detergent.
  2. Machine Dry at low or no temperature for best results or hang to dry.
  3. If using an iron or press use a low setting. 


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Customer Reviews

Review by  dar
(posted on 11/03,2022 17:46:47)
LOVE IT especially for in-th-hoop projects. Never a ripple, wave or pucker......
Review by  Phyllis Massenburg
(posted on 04/13,2022 23:44:30)
Is great for embroidery projects!!!
Review by  SewingMo
(posted on 09/20,2016 16:36:44)
I was at a Floriani event last week in Sacramento and spoke with Kay about the Embroidery Batting because I'm always on the lookout for products to use in my thread painting. I tried this out over the weekend on a very heavily stitched photo on fabric. I only pressed once during the stitching and am so pleased with the almost-finished project - drawing up of fabric was very minimal and settled down when I stitched some more in the open areas. Thank you so much for this product. I will be singing its praises!
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